Domain Names

ServerStage provides professional domain name services including registrations, transfers and backorders.

Many international endings are immediately available, while others can be obtained quickly.

Configuration options include Transfer Lock, WHOIS Privacy Service, Change Alerts and Auto-Renew. DNS records are easily created in your web space’s control panel.

SSL Certificates

We also offer SSL certificates for all of your services, including Web, Email and File services. The types of certificates include standard single host, wildcard, EV, and code signing certs.

SSL certificate choices

Essential SSL

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Encryption certificate for a single subdomain

  • Domain Validation
  • Quick Setup
  • No documentation required
  • SHA2 Encryption

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Wildcard SSL

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Encryption certificate for all subdomains of a domain

  • Protects every subdomain of your main domain
  • No documentation required
  • SHA2 Encryption
  • Save time and money with a single certificate rather than many

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Code Signing

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Wherever your customers download from, they can be sure they are receiving genuine software

  • Digitally sign 32-bit or 64-bit Portable Executable
  • Ensure authenticity
  • Ensure integrity
  • Widely supported

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When great service is not an option, choose ServerStage.


Cloud hosting solutions, customized to your specific needs.

ServerStage provides dedicated and shared cloud servers for all levels of business. Whether you need help managing your Applications, Websites, E-Mails, Security, Storage, Networking, or Backups we have both the know-how and the experience to offer a full range of solutions. Through the expertise of our certified staff we will design an ideal hosting solution for your targeted needs.

Professional Service

  • dedicated consultant
  • competent support by email or ticket
  • assistance with rewrite rules, PHP and server settings
  • worldwide datacenter presence


We look at Performance in two ways:

First, you would naturally expect your servers to be fast - we know that means modern hardware that is not overbooked, not overly complicated and is optimally configured in every way possible. This involves a lot of attention to detail on the backend, and only becomes evident in fast page deliveries, when everything is working in unison.

Second, Performance is parallel to your appearance in front of your audience - literally speaking, you're putting on a show! You need your show to run smoothly and consistently, in line with both your expectations and those of your clients. We will not rest until your Performance is running perfectly!

Standard Performance Points

  • State of the Art hardware
  • PHP, Web and Database Services tweaked to the optimal configuration
  • Content caching via Zend OPcache, APCu, memcache
  • Choice of Apache or nginx web servers
  • Servers are available in multiple geographic locations for closer and quicker content delivery to your audience


All of our service plans proudly run on ISPConfig, the best browser-based server management tool available. We use ISPConfig to configure and maintain all of your servers for you.

About ISPConfig

ISPConfig is able to manage one or more servers and mirrored clusters in diverse locations from one control panel. Management functions include: Web server management (Apache2 and nginx), Mail server management (with virtual mail users), DNS server management (BIND and MyDNS), Virtualization (OpenVZ), Administrator, reseller and client login.

the Control Panel features

with ISPConfig you are able to easily:

  • Manage Websites
  • Manage email accounts, spam filters & mailing lists of your choice ( and access webmail via your browser
  • Install/remove software with the help of the APS installer wizard (Wordpress, Joomla etc)
  • Create/manage/delete: databases, FTP users, CRON jobs, Shell users, DNS records
  • Manage account backups
  • View your account statistics (visitors to your website, their country/computer specs etc)

Some Points on our Philosophy

We will work closely with you to deliver the total solution

We take support all the way by tailoring your systems to match your development and deployment needs.

Service and Performance that outclasses big-box companies

What sets us apart from the competition is that we're passionate about the products/services we provide and quality of support.

Highly competitive pricing based on your exact needs

We're always looking to improve every aspect of our business. From more features all the way to more frequent tutorials.

No contract required, risk-free

We've gained a reputation as a reliable and honest company in the last two years with most of our customers coming from referrals.